May 17, 2016 1

4 Icon and Project Sketch

As discussed with Jason and Gabe I am submitting a 4 panel sketch that will be created in Illustrator to make a comic on intercultural communication.  This is one scenario.   I am trying to be careful in choosing colors and gestures that are not identifiable to one nationality to avoid stereotypes.IMG_0189 IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0192

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  • Jason says:

    Great whiteboarding skillz heather, thanks for posting! I like your idea about being sensitive in your use of color. There may be ways to use color beyond skin tone, such as role, vocation or mood. This reminds me of an eg. I saw recently (note the impressive use of stick figure action) where color was used to indicate an emotional state. This adds a layer of meaning to the color extending beyond ethnicity. Check it out!


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