Absorb, Do, Connect Learning Activities

In the EMP we discuss the Absorb, Do, Connect Learning Activities from the work of William Horton in E-Learning by Design:

Activities are necessary to provoke learning experiences. Used in combination, learning activities can accomplish difficult learning objectives.” – William Horton

Absorb activities –  read, listen and watch
Do activities – exercise newly acquired skills. Take action and practice!
Connect activities – Application to original course work…

Objective Students will be able to define Foley production and be able to perform original Foley for an animated short.
Activities Type
Read articles and watch a short film on Foley performance for animation Absorb
Practice specific hands-on Foley activities in class with instructor guidance (developing mechanical skills) Do
Create an original Foley recording work to an animation and submit it for critique by instructors and students Connect

Define = Knowledge
Perform = Synthesis

Popular Absorb activities:

  • Slideshows
  • Physical demonstrations
  • Screencasting
  • Podcasts

Popular Do Activities:

  • Hands-on Practice Activities
  • Discovery Activities with Role play
  • Games & Simulations

Popular Connect activities:

  • Original work
  • Group Critique
  • Brainstorming activities

From E-Learning by Design by William Horton

Teaching in a Digital Age


Enjoy the recorded audio of Tony Bates presentation on Teaching in a Digital Age recorded at ETUG 2015. This documentary recording was recorded with a Zoom H2 stereo recorder at about 8 feet from the presenter. Having a lavaliere microphone directly on the speaker wasn’t an option for this session, so we used the H2 to give us a great documentary recording in a relatively quiet and controlled environment.

We used the Audacity audio editor to use EQ effects and add on custom EdMedia bumpers to introduce and close the player. The EdMedia bumpers were recorded in house using the Zoom H4n recorder. The presentation is all here!