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Battle of the Lecture Capture -Apps for ipad and Android-

Educreations VS Explain Everything VS Coach’s Eye


Platform: ipad (free)

An interactive app that allows for voice and video recording while also affording the user to annotate, draw and mark up an uploaded image or video. You can use the built in camera to record video or take photos or you can import source material from somewhere else. Both allow you to record your work as you do it.

Pros: Easy to use.
Cons: difficult to export or share. You can only share via email or Dropbox, and it only shares the link. You cannot export the Educreation as a discreet video asset.


Platform: ipad ($2.99)

A more robust variation on Educreations, EE allows for more control, more outward interaction with screen presentations by offering a laser pointer. All the importing of images and videos is easy and the page control at the bottom allows for easy organization. The sharing options are much more comprehensive.


Platform: iOS ($4.99)/ Android ($5.16)

This simple app is aimed at allowing comparative and slow motion analysis of form and style in sports. Through the use of side-by-side comparison of videos as well as simple drawing overlay tools, you can record an event, slow it down and review it while creating mark ups to drive home your point.

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