Development of Graphics


A recording of an EdMedia Protege program workshop covering development and use of, and difference between, graphics and infographics.

Going visual

From the royalty free website of retro vector art.
From the royalty free website of retro vector art.

Welcome to session 4! “Going visual”, in which we will explore our creative side and explore in context what it means to be facilitate your classes using 2d visuals whether they be graphics, drawings or otherwise.

What kind of visuals do you use in your class? Are they online or face to face? Typically visual elements for course materials fall into the “asynchronous” category of media. That is they are pre-designed and created and embedded on your course website. Sometimes however visual elements are incorporated into the class “synchronously” or in real time.

Some examples

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Open Educational Media

Neon_Open_SignOpen from Wikimedia Commons

This post contains all teaching materials and outline for a the 1 hr. workshop on Open Educational materials. All material in this post were obtained freely on the open web, and similarly, all materials posted on this site, have been made freely available using a Creative Commons license.

Learning Objective: Identify potential sources of open educational resources (OER’s) well suited to your curriculum

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