The InkTober prompt for today is ‘FIERCE’


Grids and Gestures

An activity which exemplifies “representation of time in space”, was published by Dr. Nick Sousanis calledGrids and Gestures”. In his blog post, Dr. Sousanis invites the internet to join him in a “non-representational comics-making exercise” which he has been doing in his workshops and article.

It should be perfect for getting warmed up and and thinking about your story visually. As Nick explains…

Grids and Gestures is an exercise intended to offer participants insight into a comics maker’s decision-making process for composing the entire page through the hands-on activity of making an abstract comic. It requires no prior drawing experience and serves to help reexamine what it means to draw.

You can read the full article for the activity, and watch the video explanation.


  1. Consider the “shape of stories” eg. above and/or the way you program a synthesizer.
  2. Consider your page. The space you have to work with the edges and constraints.
  3. Get inspired! Browse the projects hashtag #gridsgestures on twitter
  4. Consider and draw, the “shape of your day”, by first creating your grid structure or ‘panels’, and then filling them with abstract shapes, lines, color texture etc.
  5. Be mindful to stay non-representational… don’t draw “stuff”
  6. Post online and tag it #gridsgestures and #gv6
  7. (for bonus points do it as a DS106 Daily create!

Tweet your response to @EdMediaSFU and be sure to include the hashtag #gv14

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