The InkTober prompt for today is ‘FAT’

Here is a great resource from Yuri Malishenko breaking down the basics of visual language.

Essentials of Visual Language – Workbook

Essentials of Visual Language to Master Visual Thinking


Assignment #5: Lettering – Prepare a Grid

First you need to create a grid for your practice. Begin with drawing a horizontal line across your flipchart.
Then use your three fingers to measure the interval for the second line to be drawn.
Use one finger to create an interval for the second set of two lines and repeat the previous steps until the entire flipchart is lined as shown on the photo below.

Assignment #5: Lettering

Use the created grid to practice the capital letters (A, B, C, …), the lowercase letters
(a, b, c, …), digits (0, 1, 2, 3, …) and some other characters that we commonly use (@,
#, {, }, (, ), etc.). Fill out the grip by writing all of the alphabet letters both capital and small case. Practice normal width, then deliberately wider and narrower width. Practice hollow letters, 3D letters and some other creative style you like.

The goal: your task here is to
a) constantly focus on writing letters as readable as possible,
b) learn your weak spots – e.g. letters that are rebellious to you and deliberately work to better those,
c) get a decent speed of writing the same time producing legible (readable) texts.
Follow the template shown above. Start using the ‘good’ letter in your daily life – this will speed up your handwriting improvement

Assignment #5: Lettering Tips and Tricks

Write a text in three various sizes – with the smallest being of the height of your single finger, the medium of the two fingers size and the biggest of your three fingers size. Walk to the furthest end of the meeting room and check the smallest type which is readable. Remember the size and constantly check your labels and captions – your ruler is always with you!

Seek for SIMPLICITY in the way you write your letters. Time is of essence – the fewer strokes your letters demand – the faster you get your writing in place. It will take some time before you are really fast at writing readable and nice letters – but the effect is worth your time investments!


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