Developing your graphic facilitation skills takes practice, but it’s a fun and rewarding activity that can aid in communicating your ideas to others, or working together in groups of all kinds.


This is a form of flipchart resume, that can be used to find out a bit more about each participant and their EdMedia goals, while at the same time practicing our visual communication skills. This is best done as a timed exercise, but in pairs you will want to leave enough time so each person can be interviewee and interviewer.

  1. Get into pairs, and gather your napkins and drawing materials. A good selection of non toxic felts and some large sized envelopes work best.
  2. Consider the Visual Communication “one pager”, for some quick tips about drawing.
  3. Divide your page into five distinct areas anyway you like. (See eg. above)
    In one of the areas, draw the name of your interviewee. Use the remaining 4 areas to illustrate their answers to the following questions.
  4. Conduct the interview, documenting your findings visually (using text is ok)

4 interview questions

  • What creative outlets are you most familiar with, how do you like to express yourself?
  • What kinds of media are you most interested in embedding in your teaching?
  • What is (are) your main teaching challenge(s)?
  • Free Choice: Choose one final question to ask your interviewee

5. Switch and repeat.

Gather for critique and discussion!


Modified from “A Better Icebreaker”; Source: http://johnleskodotbiz.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/a-better-icebreaker/

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