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EMP Graphic Design Workshop

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The Quartz Parrot – Sequence of Events

You must make a map and presentation of the suspects and sequence of events for your superior so you can continue the investigation!

4:00pm – Museum Closes – Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology closes for the day 

4:20pm – Goodman goes to her office – Goodman attends her last class of the day and goes to her TA’s office in Room 4107 in the AQ to work on her Master’s thesis, where she claims she works until she catches the last bus

5:00pm – Sanderson goes to his office – Sanderson finishes teaching for the day and claims to conduct research in his office at Room 4101 in the AQ

7:36pm – Maravillas sets alarm, locks up and leaves the museum to walk home – Maravillas claims to be working late until this time.  She arms the alarm of the Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology and claims to lock the doors before leaving. She claims to walk home to her apartment in UniverCity. 

10:05pm – Sanderson leaves for the movie theatre – Sanderson claims to be frustrated with his research and leaves SFU to drive to a theatre to take his mind off of things 

10:30pm – Sanderson attends Logan – Sanderson claims to attend a late-night showing of Logan at Cineplex Cinemas Coquitlam (movie is 2 hours 21 minutes long)

12:36pm – Call to SFU Security – An unidentified person calls SFU Security from an internal phone to the School for Business in West Mall about a door not locking properly 

12:40am – Suspicious Mazda 3 reported to police in UniverCity – A newer model black Mazda 3 car was reported as a suspicious vehicle to police,  located in UniverCity just to the north of University Highlands Elementary School on the curved extension of Tower Road. The Mazda has tinted windows and an old Alberta license plate no longer in circulation.

 12:48pm – Keypad disarmed at the museum – Keypad for the Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology is used to disarm the alarm system outside of the emergency exit and a key is used to get in.

 12:54pm – Back office entered, lights turned out, wires cut to security cameras – The back office for the museum is entered and lights are turned off, then wires are cut to disable the cameras within the museum 

Between 12:55pm – 1:00am – The glass casing is smashed with a rock hammer and theft of the Quartz Parrot occurs 

1:01am – SFU Security gets report of loud crashing – A call is placed by a student to SFU Security that a loud crashing sound is heard somewhere in the north side of the Academic Quadrangle or in Saywell Atrium

1:03am – SFU Security finds no problems at School of Business – SFU Security reports that no doors are improperly locked at the School of Business

1:08am – The keypad for the museum is re-armed and set

Between 1:09am – 1:30am – A rock hammer is tossed into the trash in Saywell Hall, near Blusson Hall.

1:21am – SFU Security discovers the break in at the Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology.  They call the RCMP and Maravillas. 

1:45am – Maravillas arrives at the Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology to see what has happened

 2:12am – Goodman catches the last 95 bus – Goodman claims to have caught the last 95 bus off of SFU at Transportation Centre Bay 2.

 2:15am – RCMP arrives at the Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology to investigate. The cut wires to the security cameras and broken glass are soon discovered.  Two types of human hair are found on the pedestal where the Parrot was: reddish-brunette hair and shorter, darker brunette hair strandsNo fingerprints are found on the keypad or the glass fragments.

 2:48am – RCMP find the rock hammer in the trash in Blusson Hall.  No prints are found on it.

 3:00am – RCMP investigate the suspicious Mazda but it is no longer there.  A single latex glove is discovered where the car was parked.

3:57am – RCMP find a Leatherman multi-tool in the southeast corner of Lot C.  The tool has remnants of copper wiring attached to it.  No prints are found on it.

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