October 13, 2015 0

EMP Week 2

EMP Fall 2015 - What is EdMedia?

We are beginning the second week of the EMP program, and I just wanted to point out where some of the resources are going to be archived.

News, updates and participant posts will appear here in the main page. As John has already discovered you can share with us any of your thoughts or creations as we go!

Week 1 – resources are on the main EMP page. most of the links, presentations and handouts are saved there, if there is something missing let us know.

Week 2 – We shake things up a bit and there will be two different place to access materials.  Today we are posting stuff the the ‘Going Visual’ page, now appearing in the side menu.  The Audio Video Graphics module will be occurring 100% online and in CANVAS, so you can expect the information to appear on that soon.

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