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EMP, WordPress and the Open Textbook Project

EMP, WordPress and the Open Textbook Project

Introducing… The Open Textbook Project

The EdMedia team is a proud user of WordPress, the worlds leading open source blogging platform as well as proponents in the creation and distribution of Open Educational Resources, OERs. (More on that in our second session)

For this round we will be trying some new things with WordPress, but it general it will be our main communication and resource sharing site. Our goal is to encourage all participants to use this space for sharing of ideas and the process of their own educational media resource project. In the regular program, we are also incorporating a review/reflection activity at the end of each session that participants will be responsible for.

Combining these technologies and practices will be a new addition for 2018, The EMP Open Textbook Project.  Organizations such as BCCampus have been leading the way towards “Open Ed” and the Open Textbook Project will be modeled after existing textbook creation projects. This textbook will be co-created with our participants this semester, and available to all after the workshop is complete.

You can find the EdMedia text book at https://pressbooks.bccampus.ca/edmedia/, in all its clean slate glory.


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