April 16, 2015 0

Experiential Learning recorded audio series

Above is the playlist – uploaded from Soundcloud

Here’s a TLC/Edmedia solution to a content creation problem.

Originally video recorded, this roundtable discussion on Experiential Learning was intended to be edited into a series of short video pieces. But the original scope and request – to only mic the guest speakers during their 10-15 minute introduction, along with the relatively stationary “talking head” frame of the video exposed the limitations in effectiveness and appeal. So instead of creating video content, we explored audio. By creating a “listen” only asset, audiences are not distracted by an image, and are free to become more immersed in the content. They are also more likely to be forgiving when the audio quality drops in the second half of the segment. (this occurred when the individual lapel mic was turned off and general group discussion was recorded using room mics.)

So while there may be some “quality” compromises in the final asset creation, being willing and able to be flexible and adapt to the content realities allowed for a useful, shareable and valuable audio asset.

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