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Fall 2015 EMP participant round up

Fall 2015 EMP participant round up

EMP Fall 2015 Cohort

We’ve had a great round of EMP participants in the fall semester, and are trying to improve their visibility and celebrate their success by creating a new page to feature all the OER’s on the site. This post will be a brief summary of the FAll 2015 cohort with links to the various projects.

Cheryl Geisler – SIAT

Cheryl’s media project was created in Prezi and is being used as an online resource in her class but at this time has not been made public, or openly available. She used Audacity for audio editing, and the tutorials that are freely available to SFU educators from the Library.  Images from Open Clipart were included, and music from Sweet wave audio (need a link) tied it all together.

John Welch – Resources and Environmental Management

John has used his time with EdMedia to explore video production for iPINCH research initiative. He has been getting familiar with Adobe Premiere pro in preparation to produce an ongoing series of videos for upcoming webinars they are delivering. John has shared some of his take-aways from the EMP program with us.


Tara at the board.

Tara working the electronic whiteboard in our ‘ Going Visual’ session.

Tara McFarlane – ISTL

Designed and built her infographic using
Brainstormed using hand drawn sketches (yay ‘going visual’!) and iterated her design with multiple points of feedback. Was somewhat limited to the free features of piktochart.

Michelle Nilson – Education

Planning an online, media rich course and has begun with a proposal for a bigger project.

Milena Droumeva – Communications

@ambientfluff on Twitter, Milena is  a ‘Sound Studies Ideationist’| Assistant Prof @sfuCMNS @FCATatSFU Her media project was focused on creating audio recordings for her students that compare the audio quality from different recording techniques and devices. These should be appearing on her soundcloud page soon!

Terri Evans – Coming Soon!

Marilyn Trautman – Deans Office

Marylin created an infographic to promote science education for girls.



Feature image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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