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Finding Audio Tools – [T.e.l.l. January]

A sequence of slides accompanied by instructor audio is one of the easiest multimedia enhancements to an online course. But how do you get this media online in a form that best supports learning. Keith Webster and Hayley Hewson from Technology Integrated Learning at the University of Victoria will share the results of their recent evaluation of various solutions to this problem.

Finding the Best Tool for Creating Slides with Audio

[T.e.l.l. January] Finding the Best Tool for Creating Slides with Audio from BCcampus on Vimeo.

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  • Joy Rowe says:

    Are any of these good for OERs and creating something that others can remix?

    Of the 4 products considered, does any product produce a learning object that could be easily remixed or altered by someone else? I’m wondering whether there is any use in licensing an interactive slide show under Creative Commons with remix permissions. Since the file types are Flash or HTML5 that have to be uploaded to a web server, there is no simple way for someone to access the original file without locating and contacting the creator.

    I’m asking because I’d like to use something that permits others to easily reuse or remix the slideshow. It seems like you can do this if it is a .mov file, but not if it is Flash or otherwise. You can cut into a .mov file with lots of different programs, it seems much more complicated to try to reuse something created by one of these 4 products.

    Adam, any idea? I’m also going to email Keith and Haley, who presented this talk.

  • Joy Rowe says:

    I watched this and here are the tools the presenters tested out for creating instructional videos. They liked the first two the most:

    iSpring Presenter 7
    Adobe Presenter 10
    Adobe Captive 8
    Articulate Presenter 13

    Jing and Camtasia weren’t considered because they wanted to an interactive presentation tool that made the student click to advance the slideshow (and not play through as a video).

    Thanks for posting this.

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