Going Visual

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The Going Visual studio series, spans multiple sessions, and covers topics ranging from drawing basics, to strategies for using technology and best storytelling practices. You can go through many of the activities on the pages below or attend one of the upcoming sessions.

To inquire how to register for one of our upcoming programs, email tlcentre-edmedia@sfu.ca.

Going Graphic

A new online resource, and a quick Graphic design primer.

Going Visual I

Drawing is a common and powerful means to convey ideas, but is often hampered by a perceived “inability to draw”. In this session, participants practice their drawing skills and explore strategies to apply them to their teaching.

Going Visual II

Further practice for your drawing skills, theory and technique for applying them to your teaching in more mediated ways. This session will guide you through advanced exercises and design principles to enhance your visual practice in the classroom.

Going Visual – The story telling edition

In this hands on design studio, we focus on aspects of storytelling that utilize drawings, icons and other visual practices. Participants will explore different 2d techniques to represent time including; the interplay of panels, sequencing frames, storyboards and icons to unleash their story telling skills.