April 12, 2018 1

Graphically Expanded Horizons

Expanding beyond ones comfort zone is a daunting task, but a necessary component of self-improvement. Unfortunately, the postdoctoral training available in gerontology provides precious few opportunities for drawing: enter the EdMedia program. The graphic component of the program includes the use of literal pen and paper, or “Windows Paint IRL”. I found this particularly challenging. Through a variety of exercises that explored our creativity and artistic flair (or in my case, the lack thereof), the process of integrating these graphic components into educational settings was brought to light. Physically putting pen to paper and actually working/through an idea that gave me pause; is taking a step back to more clearly (and graphically?) articulate one’s ideas a more efficient way of realising an outcome? Whilst I may be grossly overthinking this process, perhaps we should all take time to stop and smell the roses (which I believe was the red marker).

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