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How To: Using the Q2 HD Audio/Video Recorder

As part of the SFU Teaching and Learning Centre’s commitment to supporting faculty in the creation of Educational Media we have a few items available for loan. Through contact with the EdMedia Team, content creators (you!) can borrow certain pieces of equipment and get started, making media. This document will help outline how to use the Q2 ZOOM HD Audio/Video recorder we now have available.

How to_Q2

When to use the Q2?

The size and high quality recording ability of the Q2 Zoom recorder make it ideal for small, intimate, recording environments.

1) Interviews: Whether using both the Audio and Video functions of the Q2, recording an interview is managed perfectly with this device. Small, portable and with a high quality microphone, the Q2 allows you to get up close while also being unobtrusive.

2) Out in the Field: Perfect for those long walks out in the field, the portability of the
Q2 once again lends itself to being a highly suitable recording device to record research material, whether its a bird call, animal movements, or even capturing irrefutable HD evidence of that elusive “manimal.”



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