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Inspiring Educational Media

This short animated video describes the difference between empathy and sympathy.  The use of animation engages viewers in so many interesting ways.  I also like that there is a component of a story.

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  • Heather Williams says:

    I currently use this in an online course I have designed and facilitate. Students are working on their intercultural communication skills. I have just added this to the course so am waiting to see responses to it in the summer semester.

  • Illiana Mijares says:

    This is a wonderful animation! I’ve used this resource at a leadership workshop, followed by an activity where learners identified what empathy is and is not. It was a great starting point for debate as it sparked some interesting conversations on how can empathy be a critical leadership skill.

  • Michelle Aslan says:

    In my business class, I use ethical dilemmas and inspiring videos that help my students to take a step back, to put themselves in the stakeholders shoes, to reflect, and to look at what they are experiencing from a whole new perspective.

  • Jason says:

    One of my favorites. Not only am I drawn to the subject matter, but the simplicity and execution of this animation have a dramatic impact for all the reasns we love animated character films like you see from Disney or Pixar. Wonderful style, and an exceptional synthesis of concept to story make this piece top shelf.

    If this were used in a learning situation, I’m curious how an instructor may make use it to start a conversation or activate learners thinking?

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