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Larry’s Show & Tell – Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials Online Program Information

Apologies in advance everyone: Sorry, I don’t have any beer samples with me. That said, though, some of us had the opportunity to sample craft beers made from yeasts extracted from the guts of yellow jackets as part of the Burnaby Festival of Learning recently.

BREW Presentation Plan

BREW Presentation

I have a question. How do I display something on the second slide rather than just a big, blank, black rectangle? I know the video is set to start automatically. Am I worrying about nothing?

Script development is under way. In the Presentation Plan, you’ll see the full first draft of the script. It is currently out for review and editing (to ensure that it is conversational) by a colleague on our Marketing and Communications team and by a friend who will be the Voice of the voice over.

Soon, I’ll be scheduling a time for my Voice and I to visit and be oriented to the recording lab in TLC and, shortly thereafter, will do the recordings and connect the voice over to the slides.

If this project is a success, and I have every sense that it will be, we plan to work with TLC on a similar project for each of the 25 or so other programs in my portfolio.

Looking forward to any thoughts or ideas you may have.

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