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Physics Doodles: Video and GIF

I created a short “doodle” video and a GIF to use in my PHYS 102 Physics for the Life Sciences II class. This is an algebra-based first-year course for students studying life science majors such as Biology or BPK. The video explains Faraday Law’s of Electromagnetic Induction and the GIF illustrates Lenz’s Law which is related to Faraday’s Law. Students often find the concepts behind these laws confusing so I though that learning tools that they can look at over and over again might be helpful to them.

I placed the doodle video on YouTube. It can be found here: Physics Doodle: Faraday’s Law

This is the Lenz’s Law GIF:


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  • bdavison says:

    I have used the EdMedia program at SFU as a way to learn how to develop video assets for my introductory calculus classes. I will use the videos to support the lectures and to replace some of the lectures so that I can “flip” the classroom. Two of the videos are attached. The first video is a proof that there is an infinite number of prime numbers and the second video is a 4 minute video on the process I went through to learn how to make videos. Enjoy!

    ABC video1.mp4
    EMP_Spring 2014_Brenda.mp4

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