November 14, 2016 0

Research Concept Vignette: Random Assignment


I’m aiming for a common look & feel for a series of 15 or so vignettes on various research concepts using Gero examples. Gabe pointed me to Flat Icons (which I now realize I’ve forgotten to credit in this file).

This is the second of the series, though the first that includes  diverse research participant images. These clusters and individuals from them will be used repeatedly, once they get cleaned-up.

Using Powerpoint turned out to be more effective than iMovie for what I was trying to accomplish. PPT imports easily, but integrates poorly with iMovie (images blur, audio lost). So I settled for an exclusively PPT file with unappealing abrupt slide transitions rather seamless iMovie clip transitions.  Fancy PPT transitions seemed gimmicky. Audio quality on PPT seemed comparable to what I got with iMovie, so there was no compromise there.

Many lessons learned: download higher res images from Flat Icons, adjust PPT aspect ratio before creating slides, Bose phone-buds do a pretty good audio, etc.

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