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Schedule for spring 2018 EMP KICK OFF

Schedule for spring 2018 EMP KICK OFF

The Spring 2018 edition of the EdMedia program kicks off  TODAY.

Check the EMP page from the top menu for the schedule and program, and be sure to keep an eye out for the location of the sessions as we are moving this time around due to construction in the TLC.

Our agenda today will look something like this…

Date and Time: Tue, April 3 | 11:00–1:00 | EDB 7512

  • 11:00 – Meet the team, and each other
  • 11:15 – Discuss our educational media needs and projects
  • 11:35 – Define the EMP structure and locate online resources
  • 11:45 – Sign up to our WordPress site and to summarize one of the session on a sign up sheet on the whiteboard
  • 12:00 – Lunch is served
  • 12:10 – Define Transmedia storytelling and discuss its application to the EMP.
    Contribute to the setup of the transmedia story
  • 12:40 – Share project ideas, brainstorm what they would like to do
  • 12:50 – Review next session

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