November 24, 2015 0

Some Stuff I Learned Making the IPinCH Video

Who knew?

  • Youtube videos take time and steps and passwords to download
  • Premier Pro is only available for free (as part of Adobe Creative Cloud) if the SFU computer is place-dedicated (to a lab or office)
  • Premier Pro can do pretty much every amazing thing imaginable and can do it about 5 different ways.
  • Once you find the way you like to do things with Premier Pro, practice it several times!
  • If you are doing what I did–editing a bigger video down to manageable teaching size–take the few extra minutes to ‘get micro’ with the frames and sound, cutting and slicing at just the precisely correct moment. I did not always do this and the quality suffered a bit.
  • Adam is an awesome teacher!

You can see my effort at

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