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Staging: Silent Raiders

Soderbergh Screen Shot 2014-09-23

The art of cinema is a blended craft. Combining photography, design, the understanding of lighting, acting and the illusive magic of performance and recording,  filmmaking is alchemy, where the end result is much more than any of its individual parts. In the interest of understanding how “movies work”, director Steven Soderbergh has recut Steven Spielberg’s “Raiders of the Loast Ark” (1982) and removed all colour and sound, save for an added electronic musical score.

On his website you can read his thoughts and his justifications for this particular exercise: “…I operate under the theory a movie should work with the sound off, and under that theory, staging becomes paramount…”

SO, click the image to go to his blog and watch the movie, (no embed code was available) and play his game.




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