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Street Interviews on the “Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan”

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What do different groups in the DTES think of the Local Area Plan? (click on image for video)

In March 2014, Vancouver City Council approved a $1-billion plan to redevelop the Downtown Eastside, covering a large area from Richards Street to Clark Drive (http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/dtes-local-area-plan.aspx). This comprehensive initiative, titled the “Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan”, has created controversy among the public.

It is the purpose of this video to contribute to making sense of the opposing viewpoints on the project. Conducted in the Downtown Eastside, the interviews seek to demonstrate to the students of urban sociology that the city, and social space in general, is a site of contention between different classes and communities.

The video will be shown in class (SA 364 – Urban Communities and Cultures), which will be followed by a short writing exercise where the students will be asked to discuss what they have seen in relation to urban sociological themes and concepts.

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  • Jason says:

    We just watched the video in our EMP showcase session, very well done! A great conversation piece, many superb interviews. Going to be interesting to watch this issue unfold and how you will bring it into your teaching. Thanks Efe!

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