A (PD) Masterclass with Velcro Ripper: Cinematic Activism

Scared Sacred by Velcrow Ripper, National Film Board of Canada

Velcro Ripper is one of Canada’s foremost activist documentary filmmakers. I say activist because Velcrow’s films are not dispassionate exercises in objectivity. Instead, he shapes  films around issues and situations he cares deeply about. Velcrow also places himself in his films as the passionate voice of the narrator. This is what affords him Activist credentials and allows his films to take on a personal and powerful tone. Velcrow forces us to see his subjects the way he does and to feel their stories the way he does.

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Open Education Resources – Librarians, Leadership and Opportunity


BC Campus is hosting an important OER event on Oct. 27 for librarians interested in Open Educational Resources. Come check it out!

Monday Oct 27, 2014, Noon – 4 pm
Douglas College, New Westminster Campus
Aboriginal Gathering Place, Room 4650

BCcampus is pleased to sponsor a half day of professional development opportunity for librarians interested in the open education movement and Open Education Resources (OER).  This day will introduce librarians to how open education is changing post secondary education, how librarians are involved in these changes, and the role of librarians as leaders in OER innovation.  Join us for presentations and discussions that highlight how librarians support open education and OER initiatives and the opportunities for future collaborations.

Open Textbook Event @ SFU Library October 23

Coming up next month at the SFU Library, a special discussion on an innovative practice that is sure to impact the student learning experience, if not their pocketbooks as well.

Open Textbooks: New Models in Textbook Production

Invites you to

…In celebrating Open Access Week, SFU Library is delighted to bring together a range of perspectives on open textbooks. Students spend roughly $1,000 per year on textbooks, and are increasingly advocating for freely available textbooks. In this province, BCcampus has been overseeing the Open Textbook Project, which involves creating 40 open textbooks in a variety of disciplines, and many faculty members have started to adopt or adapt open textbooks for their courses. Join us for an interactive session featuring three speakers actively engaged in the production, adoption, and use of open textbooks. Bring your questions and comments to this open discussion.

As a common practice in the Edmedia team, we will be there to get the latest info.

Roadmap To Warp Drive

Eagleworks roadmap

Even NASA physicist and FTL (faster than light) warp drive development team leader Harold White uses infographics to articulate his projection of steps it takes to go from the lab to distant planets.

For more on this go here, and here. Roadmap to the STARRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Street Interviews on the “Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan”

DTES Cover
What do different groups in the DTES think of the Local Area Plan? (click on image for video)

In March 2014, Vancouver City Council approved a $1-billion plan to redevelop the Downtown Eastside, covering a large area from Richards Street to Clark Drive (http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/dtes-local-area-plan.aspx). This comprehensive initiative, titled the “Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan”, has created controversy among the public.

It is the purpose of this video to contribute to making sense of the opposing viewpoints on the project. Conducted in the Downtown Eastside, the interviews seek to demonstrate to the students of urban sociology that the city, and social space in general, is a site of contention between different classes and communities.

The video will be shown in class (SA 364 – Urban Communities and Cultures), which will be followed by a short writing exercise where the students will be asked to discuss what they have seen in relation to urban sociological themes and concepts.