Light as wave and particle!

The dual nature of light is explained in this captivating video using doodles, collage and some clever puppeteering. Would love to see some Educational media projects taking this approach to their videos.

Still plenty of time to sign up for the fall 2015 EdMedia program where participants will be able to explore these and many other creative approaches to making impactful media for your courses. Check it out!

EMP Kickoff Spring 2014

The Ed Media team at SFU documented the Ed Media Protege (EMP) program kickoff through a quick time-lapse of a graphic facilitation. Here are the major themes and ideas discussed by the Spring 2014 faculty cohort.

Jen’s first blog post

Jens media asset storyboard
Jens media asset storyboard

At the end of each course section I produce a ppt presentation of the main points with a voice over narration. This is then processed with a twitter link and also sent to students by email. Students can then access this by IPhone, Ipod, IPad, PC, Mac, tablet, surface etc anywhere there is wifi. This is based on my observation that young people access information via hand helds rather than laptops and desktops.