Going Visual II – a new graphic studio session

Going Visual II – Studio session will build on skills acquired in previous workshop

With an overwhelmingly interest from SFU faculty to use visuals and drawing in their teaching activities, we are pleased to be offering Going Visual II, a studio session in February 2016.  This will be picking up where the first workshop left off, or in the case of past EdMedia program participants, building on the introductory work completed there.

This studio will include many opportunities to practice drawing  in a variety of media, tips on using new software and hardware (such as tablets and web based drawing tools) and real world demos from other faculty. We are devoting time in this studio to discuss and develop your specific projects and address the practical issues you are facing when going visual in your class!

Check out the registration page on the teaching centre website for dates and to sign up (coming soon).


Graphic summary of discussions with Wordle

A Wordle graphic is a useful visual means to summarize discussions. Below is a summary of 800+ postings from 1200 students to the course question:

Can a GIS database produce an accurate representation of the real world? If yes, then how do we properly address concerns with GIS such as privacy and inequality. If no, then how do we improve our GIS so that it represents reality more accurately.


The graphic clearly shows the concepts that contributors consider to be important aspects of the question being asked.


Educational media in Wordle form

educational_media_wordleThe above Wordle graphic illustrates the emphasis on “media” in the conceptualization of “Educational Media”. The Wordle was formed using text on Educational Media gathered from the Internet. The value of collaboration seems to be well represented as well, in the words “team”, “collective” and “people”. ‘Support” is prominent too.