Telebook Infographic & ‘Meet Your Librarian’ Video


The Telebook infographic is an interactive infographic meant to give a quick, engaging visual overview to the Telebook service.  The existing screen capture tutorial is becoming outdated and I wanted an alternative way of delivering the information in a sustainable way – so easy to update, low time commitment, small learning curve for any software used.

The result is a Prezi about Telebook that is embedded into relevant SFU Library pages:

Screenshot 2015-11-24 09.34.52

The Faculty of Education has many different programs, offered in different locations, at different times of day and on different days throughout the week, to a diverse population of students and faculty.  As Liaison Librarian to the Faculty of Education, it can be a challenge finding opportunities to meet and connect with students and faculty despite the desire to do so on my part and the part of the students and faculty.

In an attempt to begin to address this issue, I have created a brief, informal video basically introducing myself and what I do to students and faculty.  This video (and others like it) will be embedded on SFU Library pages that Education students and faculty are likely to navigate to.  The hope is this will create an opportunity to develop more of a rapport with me as their liaison librarian by making myself more present (albeit virtually) and knowable (a face, voice, and personality to associate with my name and title).  This in turn will hopefully better enable me to support the research, teaching, and learning of members of the Faculty of Education.

Shivanand Balram

shivShiv Balram from the Geography dept. wanted to create some practical case study resources for his students that would provide alot of information, in an easily digestible, and mobile form.  For his EMP project he chose to work on some custom infographics that could be shared with his students, and dove right into the Ed Media WordPress site with more posts than any participant to date. This work required him to get up to speed on Adobe Illustrator, and was provided with feedback along the way from the Ed Media team.

Two graphics were created:

Infographic on Community Growth in the Tri-Cities, British Columbia

This asset provides a recent snapshot of the population and land-use changes that characterize the Tri-Cities region, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. Population density is calculated in two ways – first, using the total land surface area; and second, using only the residential land-use area. These two representations of density provide contrasting perceptions. – Shivanand Balram


Infographic on Global Water Use and Water Wars

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 2.19.37 PM

This asset is a summary of the water use situation for the planet. It uses a systems approach to map the key stages of water availability, water usage and water consequences. Of particular importance is the impact of water scarcity and inaccessibility, and the use of technologies to manage water in order to mitigate against escalating conflicts. – Shivanand Balram