Infographic on Global Water Use and Water Wars

This asset is a summary of the water use situation for the planet. It uses a systems approach to map the key stages of water availability, water usage and water consequences. Of particular importance is the impact of water scarcity and inaccessibility, and the use of technologies to manage water in order to mitigate against escalating conflicts.


Use in course:
The goal of the asset is to provide a case study summary. The asset provides a context for discussing and applying the theories presented in the lecture. Typically, the lecture content is presented and then the asset is introduced for discussion.

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Educational media as a process


Since the beginning of the EdMedia course, I was trying to wrap my head around the concept of “Educational Media”. The lectures to date have all been informative. In an attempt to clarify my own understanding, the above graphic was created to characterize Educational Media as a PROCESS. I would be bold and say the above figure is an Infographic!! Everything was created in PowerPoint and took about 1 hour to complete.