Recording about records

OERs about records using  (archival) records

The purpose of this podcast is to teach records creators in SFU departments how to read the retention schedules of the university, which are multi-part policy documents called “RRSDAs“.


The podcast is offered in a long version for new employees who have never seen an RRSDA. The podcast is structured into the 6 parts of the policy document, which is displayed alongside the audio so that listeners can visually follow along.

There is also a shorter version for frequent users who just need to a refresher. People tend to only use RRSDAs once or twice a year, and sometimes they just need a reminder of the basics.

Throughout the podcast, I give examples of how to apply RRSDAs to digital records, as well as analog ones.

The podcast uses SFU’s own archival records to provide the music and sound snippets, including the convocation music from 1969 and early radio marketing messages encouraging students to come to SFU. Early audio like this is permanently preserved in the archives, thanks to the departments who created it and used RRSDAs to transfer it to the archives.


Open Education Resources – Librarians, Leadership and Opportunity


BC Campus is hosting an important OER event on Oct. 27 for librarians interested in Open Educational Resources. Come check it out!

Monday Oct 27, 2014, Noon – 4 pm
Douglas College, New Westminster Campus
Aboriginal Gathering Place, Room 4650

BCcampus is pleased to sponsor a half day of professional development opportunity for librarians interested in the open education movement and Open Education Resources (OER).  This day will introduce librarians to how open education is changing post secondary education, how librarians are involved in these changes, and the role of librarians as leaders in OER innovation.  Join us for presentations and discussions that highlight how librarians support open education and OER initiatives and the opportunities for future collaborations.

Lynda tutorials at SFU


For those SFU staff and students looking to learn some new media software, the SFU library has made available full access to the online subscription of tutorials for 2013. You can connect through the libraries launch page, but will have to create a user ID to access these materials.

For our edmedia proteges, this means free access to online resources to learn Adobe suite, Final cut Pro, and many more. There are only a couple months left in this trial so get in there quick!


“SFU Library is delighted to announce that it has an expanded subscription for 2013 to with an unlimited number of users .

I f you are unfamiliar with , here is a brief description:
“Thousands of video tutorials from expert authors covering hundreds of titles such as Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Flash, Final Cut Pro, design principles, digital photography, print and web design, digital video, animation, creative inspiration, and much more.”

Here is a link to the : .

Note : New users will need to create a profile the first time they use . After that, they will be able to create their own playlists and organize courses.

Over the course of this year, SFU Library will be gathering data and feedback on to help determine whether this is a resource of use to departments and units across SFU. At the moment, there is no guarantee that we’ll be able to continue subscribing to after 2013.

If you have any feedback on , please send it to . “