Open Educational Media

Neon_Open_SignOpen from Wikimedia Commons

This post contains all teaching materials and outline for a the 1 hr. workshop on Open Educational materials. All material in this post were obtained freely on the open web, and similarly, all materials posted on this site, have been made freely available using a Creative Commons license.

Learning Objective: Identify potential sources of open educational resources (OER’s) well suited to your curriculum

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Open education resources

This site will be dedicated to sharing open education resources created in the Teaching Centre and at SFU. Contributions are (of course) open to all faculty, academic staff, media creators and the like, but to get started the educational media group in the TLC will be populating it with resources from our Protege program.

Why open?

I will share with you this TED talk from a few years back by David Wiley.

“Its really about sharing, and about being generous with other people…”