ETUG 2015: Creating Conditions for Well-Being in Learning Environments

At the ETUG conference this month, I attended a presentation by Alisa Stanton, Rosie Dahaliwal, and David Zandvliet (SFU) called “Creating Conditions for Well-Being in Learning Environments.”

I practiced visual note-taking during the talk, with the results below. In essence, the talk was about how instructors can get students to feel connected and at ease in the classroom environment. Because studies have found a very strong correlation between students’ levels of stress and their grades, health in the classroom environment is vital for students’ success. What I took away from this talk was that health in the classroom comes down to three essential parts:

  • sharing
  • understanding diversity
  • being heard/sense of empowerment

Health and Counseling Services at SFU also has a diagram that highlights their 10 conditions for well-being in learning environments, available as a PDF here. This document includes some simple tips for instructors on how to create these conditions within the classroom.

The talk was informative and important, as mental and physical well-being are the foundations for all learning!



Jen’s first blog post

Jens media asset storyboard
Jens media asset storyboard

At the end of each course section I produce a ppt presentation of the main points with a voice over narration. This is then processed with a twitter link and also sent to students by email. Students can then access this by IPhone, Ipod, IPad, PC, Mac, tablet, surface etc anywhere there is wifi. This is based on my observation that young people access information via hand helds rather than laptops and desktops.