April 5, 2018 0

Transmedia Story Update: Image Search

At the Kick-off session, we brainstormed some elements for the story that we’re telling together. We came up with a three characters, some goals and challenges and some impending conflict on the horizon in the form of a coming storm.  In the OER session, we aimed to discover images that could match our written ideas to give them a visual, using the online search parameters of “reuse with modification”.

By seeing these pictures, we get another aspect of the story that we can now – literally – picture.  Here, we have a few images that give us a taste for where the story will begin.

Above, we have one of our characters, Zlatan, and a silhouette of someone raising their hands as the King of the Solar System.

Above here, we have some tasty dreams of a better tomorrow, Canada in the shiny new future…

…and a bit of gloom on the horizon…in perhaps about, oh, 50 minutes or so!

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