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Transmedia Story Update: Movie Posters

In the Graphic Design session, everyone put together a movie poster in PowerPoint using graphic design principles. The first thing we had to do was to pick a genre and a title for our currently nameless transmedia story that has been weaved into each EMP workshop.  After some brainstorming, everyone came up with the ideas for a genre:

  • feel-good
  • drama
  • sci-fi
  • road trip

For the title, everyone again threw out some key words and ideas before one title won out: 50 Minutes to Joy.  Joy was chosen for a triple meaning: as a reference to the feel-good nature of the story (or at least that’s the goal), but also to the name of the newborn baby girl and the name of the impending storm.

So now we have a title and a genre to go with the known characters, conflicts, setting and goals.  The results of the PowerPoint posters were quite amazing to see, combining creativity and design principles, along with the previous skill of image searches (for use with modification), that were used to produce some striking pieces in about thirty-to-forty minutes.


Looking through the poster gallery, we can see several elements that have become emblematic about the story, which has taken on an indie-poster edge.  The VW van has been featured prominently, emphasizing the travel and movement throughout the story.  The lightning storm is also featured in each: omnipresent, impending, ominous and overarching. Other individual elements include the baby (now named Joy), the diner (as developed in the comic book app exercise), the old man and possibly Zlatan.  However, we find that while there is sinister darkness in the storm, we can also see some rays of sunshine, indicating some optimism on the horizon, which should lead back to the feel-good aspect mentioned in the genre discussion.  The story will continue to develop in the next session: Audio and Podcasting.





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